Here is a song that I wrote in the summer of 95. I would like to submit
and become a member of The Creativity Club.
I understand there are no costs to join or stay a member of this club.
The title of my song is
  " Back to You ".

" Back to You "

     by: Dan Worley

Suitcase on the platform, ticket in my hand.
A ten cent drug store novel to occupy my time.
Notions keep on pushing me to another place.
If there was a reason, I'd turn around and stay.
                          - chorus -
Good byes were from yesterday, hellos are for tomorrow.
Memories that we make each day, keep us hanging on.
                          - 2 -
I walk on past a farm house, evening falling slow.
Mysteries of the nighttime, still no place to go.
This tired mind keeps wondering where I'm suppose to be.
So if I keep on moving, perhaps I'll be back with you.
                        - chorus -
                       - 3 -
Suitcase on the platform, used ticket in my hand.
A ten cent drug store novel read time and time again.
There is not a reason for me to walk away.
Trying it without you was a much harder thing to face.
                    - chorus -
                    - chorus -
                   Respectfully submitted,
                            Dan Worley