The Dance Of The Angels
by Jennifer Rudin

Looking up , don’t you see them
looking down from up above?
They seem yet to shine so bright,
the dance of the Angels you’ll see so bright.

Oh look above,
do you see them doing their dance tonight?
Smiling down upon you, yet so pure, so clean, so white.
They’ll extend a hand in greeting…
saying, will you dance with me tonight.

You knowing this will be an adventure,
knowing the risks you’ll be taking
when you start to dance with the Angels tonight.
To dance with the Angels on such a starry moon felt night

Take another look to the sky,
only the stars are gazing…no one there to change your mind.
So you take their hand so gently and you start
to dance the dance of the Angels tonight…

Dance the dance of the angels tonight
dance the dance of Angels in that starry moon filled night.
Dance the dance of Angels, can you see them shining bright?
Look around you…can’t you see them tonight.