from Melanie Sever, 5/95
Too Busy

Too busy to take the time
to talk - later will be better.
Just after this call I need
to make - then I'll play with you.

Don't waste time - We'll be late.
Stop crying - You shouldn't feel that way.
Be good - Don't be yourself.

Why do you ask? Of course I love you.
Co Nn E cT InG

Having a hard time connecting.
Where is the music?
Where am I?

The physical sometimes precludes the creative.
Yet the physical most often expresses the creation.

How to bridge across
To allow me
To connect with the music?

The safety of the written word.
Thought, written, considered, rewritten and reconsidered.

Meaning clarified - even intentionally obscured.
Designed for impact and result.

Emotion magnified
or safely withheld.

Yearning to connect with the reader,
knowing the intended will not see.
Let me get back to you on that...

Creation - the question.
The Beginning? The End? The Purpose?

Eternal Life - the hope.
God's creation? Or through the act itself?

God - the creator.
Of us? Or by us?

Love - the pulse.
Of hope, creation, and life.

Creation - the desire.
To exist through life, art, and spirit.