Sunset Lovers
Heather Nicole Breaugh
The massive bright intensity was slowly lowering itself to it's nighttime
lover, colorfully changing his intensity to her every reaction.  Anticipating
their union her whole being was that of glossy tranquility.  Sparkles of love
were scattered beautifully across her unveiled body, as she rhythmically
swayed back and forth.  As his body touched hers a calm feeling of ecstasy
ignited in both of them as if they were always meant to be together.
He channeled through her to the place they both long to meet and be together, to
feel warm and safe intertwined in each otherís love.  Even if only for the
night because in the morning the sun once again will have to rise and be seen
and admired by all, but for this moment the sun and water will be together as
secret lovers at peace.