The Game - preliminary lyrics and chords

by Kristoffer Forslund

To be played slightly ironically

Intro: G  C

On the outskirts of Nowhere
   F         G
in the midst of the Maze
a signpost is planted
   F         G
saying this is the place
A place of importance
   F         G
A place of true fame
For this is the place
   F        G
where we play the game

Fill-in between verses: G C

In churches of paper
the prophets all preach
of the the world of wonder
that lies just outside your reach
In order to go there
we must ourselves tame
They teach us the rules
that governs the game

Come, ladies and gentlemen,
come, play the game
Come here for instructions
The rules are the same
Drink deep and listen
to what you must do
If you enter the dance floor
then you must dance, too

No doubt you have heard
that the game has two sides
and that you must play both
or be one of those that hides
You must dance in darkness
if you would dance in light
Some things may be painful
yet you may not fight

As the dance grows wilder,
the prophets all say
This is the dark side of the circle
This is the price that you must pay
If you want to be loved
and live life in joy
Then, harbour no hopes
of being more than a toy

Come, ladies and gentlemen,
come play the game
Play it, oh, play it
The rules are the same
The good life is before you
The game will soon start
And heed not the pain
in the depths of your heart

Outro: G C

Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 12:37:57 PDT