The Way It Is 
by Crystalynn Hyatt

Sitting here thinking, crying
Why is it this way?

Day light will never be
Why is it this way?

Sun may shine, but not to me
Why is it this way?

Earth spinning and can be felt
Why is it this way?

With this pain I never dealt
Why is it this way?

Fun times you can't remember
Why is it this way?

You left and return you never.
That's why it is this way.

That Of A Storm
by Crystalynn Hyatt

Wind wailing,

Clouds racing,

Lightening striking,

Thunder pounding,

Rain dripping,

by Crystalynn Hyatt

Happiness is joyful
my spirit flies free.

Protection is you
watching over me.

Peace is serenity
bringing us inner strength.

Health is wellness
it goes the length.

Thankfulness is gratitude
blooming to you forever.

Love is the greatest
by best gift and treasure.

Forgive Me?
By Crystalynn Hyatt

The love I felt was true
Due to my own stupidity
I now have lost you
Will you forgive me?

You can keep the key to my heart
Forgiveness can be hard
We are not meant to be apart
Why am I such a retard?

I never should of let you go
I am sorry and feeling blue
I love you, I just want you to know
I leave it at that, the rest is up to you.
Three Chances
Crystalynn Hyatt

I lost you once
I wasn't sure then
You took me back
Then I lost you twice
I messed up and thought it was the end
Then you took me back again
They say the third time is a charm
I belive it is true
I wont let the strike fly by
Or else the game is over
You and Me
Crystalynn Hyatt

You make me happy
You make me laugh
You are like me
You are so funny
You say sweet things
You say so much
You know me well 
You know my dreams
You are my inspiration
You are my friend
You feel my pain
You feel my love
Crystalynn Hyatt

Fly, fall, fly free, free fall
Love, live, love life, live to love
Soar, drift, soar high, slowly drift
Me, you, I loved, you lost
Cry, laugh, shed no tears, laugh till you cry
Fun, pain, fun creates pain, pain isn't fun
Happiness,love, happiness is freedom, love is falling