My Contract

By Crazy Horse (Carlos Duenas Diaz)
The truth is always naked!!
  My contract to circulate in this world has finished.

I was born in a planet called Earth.
  It is not exactly a paradise.

Let me know if there is something
  more beautiful than a sunset or a sunrise.

Here the spring season was made for
  the flowers, the birds and for me.

For every body is The Love Seed,
  but nothing is forever,
Because we are in the hands of the Lord,
  For how much time?
3 ....... 2....... or one year?
  I have no fear.

Cry ----------- why???
  I am strong.
  My whole life was beautiful song.
And I know that up there -
Is my God...
My angels...
and my family waiting for me,
That I wish to see

If life is a dream
I am Ready to Wake Up!!!

Restaurau Vista al mar
Puerto Nueve B.C. / Mexico