"The Dancer" by Dorothy Garman Cox

Hello, who are you? He asked
I’m a dancer. Have you seen me dance? I’m told I’m quite good

When did you begin dancing?
“I don’t know. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember…”

Whom do you dance for? He asked
“Everyone, I dance for them all, especially those who hold applause…
for those I dance more passionately…”

Why do you dance?
“No one would stay if it weren’t for my dancing, would they…”

Why don’t we turn off the music and see, He said.
“You know I’m getting tired…”
“There seems to be an endless number of encores. Maybe we could turn off the music…lets try it before,
I change my mind. Whew! It feels good to stop…frightening, but good…”

Now that you are no longer a dancer, who are you?
“ I guess I’m just me…”
“Hello, I’m me…”
“Say, who are you”?

“I am He and I’m here to stay…”