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Advanced Flutes

All Advanced Flutes are Solid Silver - All Three Pieces Solid Silver.

All Flutes are previously owned unless otherwise stated.

Shipping is $25 for any single flute within the USA

Armstrong 8 0 Solid Silver Flute

Sterling Silver all three pieces
Low B, Open Hole, In-line G,  Engraved Lip Plate

Artley 8-0 Solid Silver Flute

Low C, French Open Hole, Inline G
Serial Number 306543

Vintage 1952 Artley Artist Solid Silver Flute

Closed Hole.  Low C.  Offset G.  1952
Serial Number 109642. 

Deford Solid Silver Flute

French Open Hole.  In-line G.  Low C
Serial number 49862 (8)

Emersen Solid Silver Flute

Low B.  French Open Hole.  In-line G.
Serial Number F91202. 

Gemeinhardt M3S Solid Silver Flute

French Open Hole, Low C, In-line G
Serial Number:  611575

Gemeinhardt M2CS Solid Silver Flute

Closed Hole. Offset G.  Low C
Serial number 234434  Comes with very cool all wood case

Gemeinhardt 4RSP Piccolo

Silver Plated.  Used.
Serial Number 71115.  Comes with a hard shell case

Selmer Solid Silver Flute

Low B, French Model, Inline G, Gold Plated Lip Plate

Serial Number 34223

Pearl 765 Solid Silver Flute

Low B, French Open Hole, Offset G

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