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First of all, our method is online and you can learn on your own time, pace and schedule. Next, we use downloadable videos of real music teachers that explain and demonstrate virtually 1,000's of lesson topics. You learn by watching the videos and printing the provided sheet music. You can learn to play by ear, read music, improvise leads, understand music theory, learn 1000's of your favorite songs and so much more.

Because everyone learns music differently, there are different approaches to learning music offered here. This Library has 8 different departments shown above. All are designed to teach you how to play your instrument.

There are no "per-file-fees" or time constraints. All videos, sheet music, lesson plans and courses are included and can be downloaded, printed and replayed repeatedly. You learn in private and at your own pace and schedule.

You can select and watch the lessons and classes you want or you can follow our provided PlayLists, Methods and Courses which are provided in your Membership. We also take lesson requests from members.

My name is Dan Lefler aka DANMAN. I work here at the Library daily and am available to answer any questions or to assist you with your signup. Just call 949-496-6556 or click here to get started.

Congratulations. You have found an answer to fulfilling your dream of playing your instrument, so lets get started!


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