Taffenel & Goubert Flute Exercises
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These Taffenel and Goubert's 15 Daily Exercises notation files are 72dpi.  They don't print very clear, but they do work well for web-viewing. Left click to view, right click to download.  

For (300dpi) flute print-quality files - get your annual Members Download Pass - best deal anywhere for print quality notation files.   - more info.

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[IMG]   ex 1_72.gif
            13-Jan-00 17:01     6K  
[IMG]   ex 2_72.gif             13-Jan-00 17:01     6K  
[IMG]   ex 3_72.gif             13-Jan-00 17:01     7K  
[IMG]   ex10_72.gif             13-Jan-00 17:01    11K  
[IMG]   ex15_72.gif             13-Jan-00 17:01    12K 

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