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 Music Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan #: 101
Lesson Title: How to Play Hanon Finger Exercise #1 (From Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist)
Instrument: Piano / Keyboard
Author: Donna Valenti
Level: Beginner 
Type: Sheet Music


Objective: To strengthen the fingers and wrists equally on each hand for the piano 
Instructions: 1.  Review the videos and sheet music below
2.  Refer to the sheet music for the correct fingering. 
3.  Practice slowly at first.  Tempo can be as slow as 60
4.  Learn each pattern separately.  
5.  Eventually play up to a tempo of 120 beats
Media Content: Video/Audio  I   Midi   I   Sheet Music
Practice: Practice daily.  Memorize each pattern separately - There are 4 of them: 
1.  R.H Ascend    2.  R.H. Descend   3.  L.H. Ascend   4.  L.H. Descend
Tips/Comments: After you have #1 down, try playing your hands in harmony.  Left hand starts the pattern on C, and the right hand starts the pattern a 10th up - on an E.  Or, switch and have the left hand start on E and the right hand starts a 6th above - on C.
Follow-up: Hanon finger exercise #2, Lessons on tempo, metronome


View Video Clips: R.H Ascend:  Low - High    R.H. Descend:  Low - High    L.H. Ascend:  Low - High
L.H. Descend:  Low
- High   Complete song: Low - High
Listen to: Midi   
Print Sheet Music: Low res.    High res.