Danman's Beginner Harmonica / Course 1

Course Resources: Directions   Helper Charts     Tuner     Metronome   
Lesson 1: How to Hold the Harmonica
How to Read Numbers on the Harmonica
Lesson 2: How to Breathe - Blow Air Out - Draw Air In
How to Blow & Draw Together
Lesson 3: How to Breathe Up & Down the Scale
How to Put Your Tongue Over the Hole
Lesson 4: How to do Hand Vibrato
How to Play Vibrato With Your Mouth
Lesson 5: How to Blow Chords
How to Circular Breathe
Lesson 6: How to Play Blues Harmonica Using cross Keys
How to Bend Notes
Lesson 7: How to play song:  O' Suzanna
How to play song:  You've Got To Run
Advice for Beginners
Quiz: Quiz     Quiz Answers