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1.  START YOUR COURSE:  Print out your practice log, goal sheet, and song list.  Set your goal of playing music at 20 minutes per day.  At the end pf each day, sign your practice log and write down your practice minutes.  Keep track of these minutes, they will be redeemable in the future for 20MinuteMusic courses and products.  On your goal sheet, jot down the 3 most important things or songs that you want to be able to play in the near future.  Fax or email this goal sheet to Dan Lefler.  Finish reading these instructions, then go to the main menu to start your lessons. 

2.  TAKE YOUR LESSONS:  Read the simple instructions first.  Watch the video.  Be sure to practice each item very slowly at first, gradually speeding up as you become more familiar with the task.  Watch the videos as many times as needed.  Log your minutes on your practice log at the end of each practice day. 

3.  PLAY THE VIDEOS:  You will need to have the "REAL PLAYER 5.0 or higher" installed on your machine to best view the video files.  If you don't have it, go get it.  It's free.  Look in the lower left hand corner of the screen once you get there and look for the "REALPLAYER-BASIC FREE".  It will take a few moments to download.  Once the download is complete, it will ask you to install, click "yes".  Just follow all the default prompts to finish the installation.   It's worth it.

4.  TAKE THE QUIZ:  After completing lesson 7, take the "quiz".  To check your answers, click on the "answers" link.  Be sure to log your quiz results in your "Goal Sheet".  Fax or email your practice log and goal sheet to Dan Lefler.  You are ready to go to the next course.

5.  PRACTICE YOUR INSTRUMENT:  Each lesson's material should be practiced for 1 to 3 days each.  Spend 5 - 10 minutes each day reviewing the last lessons material.  As you learn to play different songs, log their titles into your song list sheet.  Have fun, and if you need help, don't hesitate to contact us - email

6.  GO ONLINE:  This course can be taken and completed entirely offline, however you will notice that the links for:  "All Databases, Cheat Sheets, and Global Search" are linked to the web.  This is because these items are too big to put on 1 cd and are always growing in size.  So, if you happen to be connected to the web while you are taking this course, you can also enjoy the many benefits that  our online video lessons, sheet music, and lesson plans database's have to offer.

7.  HAVE FUN and enjoy your 20 minutes a day of music.  And don't stop just after the first course, go online and check out what new courses and video lessons are available for your immediate learning pleasure!  And remember that playing music makes you smarter! 

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