Danman's Beginner Bass / Course 1

Course Resources:

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Lesson 1: Parts to the Bass
The Strings on the Bass

How to Tune the Bass
Lesson 2: Fingerings for the Bass
How to Play "Finger Per Fret" Method
Lesson 3: How to Play Right Hand 2 Finger Technique
How to Play Door's Song As A Finger Exercise
Lesson 4: How to Play Bass Hammer-ons
What is a Pull-off
Lesson 5: How to Play "Slap" Technique
How to Play "Eddie Van Halen Style" 2-handed Tapping Technique
Lesson 6: How to Play Classic Bassline for 12 Bar Blues
How the Beginner Should Practice the Bass
Most Important Technique to Master & Play The Bass
Lesson 7: How to Play Limp Bizquit's "Re-Arrange"
How to Play Blink 182's "What's my Age Again"
How to Play David Bowie's "Under Pressure"

How to Play Chili Pepper's "Around the World" 
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