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Located in Dana Point, California. USA.
Operated by Dan lefler and his team

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About Danman's Music Library

Founded 1988
Located in Dana Point, California, USA.
Owned & Operated by Dan Lefler

Danman's Music Library Historical Facts:

1988 Started Danman's Music Library in Dana Point California, USA.
1987 - 2002 taught lessons & gigged nightly
1988 Created cartoon charactor "Danman" & "Clef"
1991 Moved to first retail location in Dana Point, Ca.
1992 Failed and went back to teaching lessons
1992 - 1998 Recorded 9 CD's of original and classic music themes
1992 - 2002 Averaged 300+ live performances per year
1999 Incorporated, added partners and moved into 2nd retail location
2001 Failed, dissolved partnership and went back to teaching lessons
2001 Had a dream and moved back into 2nd & present retail location
2002 Opened Danman's Music School for kids & adults
2003 Opened Danman's Music Library & School Retail Store
2005 Opened 2nd building to expand Danman's Music School for kids & adults
2006 Opened Danman's ProTools recording & music video studio
2007 Opened Danman's Dance & Acting Studio
2007 Created Dana Point Children's Theater & Music Co. A 501 C-3 Non Profit
2008 Produced 8 Children's Theatrical Plays and concerts
2009 Closed Danman's Dance & Acting Studio due to hard times (recession)
2009 Closed Danman's Recording Studio due to hard times (recession)
2009 Closed Dana Point Children's Theater due to hard times (recession)
2010 Survived and still in business!!!
2011 Still thriving in our Dana Point location and entering our 25th year!

Danman's Music School Historical Fun Facts

1987 - 2011 Dan Lefler has performed at over 5,000 live events
1987 - 2011 Danman's Music has taught over 80,000 private lessons (est)
1997 - 2011 Danman's Music has produced over 7,000 pre-recorded video music lessons
1994 - 2011 Dan Lefler has programmed over 10,500 hours of code creating Danman's Music Library

Danman's Music Library Mission

Danman's mission is to provide you a fast and easy way to teach yourself how to play your instrument and have fun doing it.

The first Danman's Music Library website went online in 1994 and has been online since that time. Danman's Music Library is owned by Danman's Music School, a corporation located in Dana Point, Ca. USA. 949-496-6556

About Danman's Music School

Founded by Daniel H. Lefler, 1988

This music school started as a home-based business teaching music lessons as a way to earn a living at home and raise a child at the same time. That was 25 years ago. Today Danman's Music School has over 20 quality music instructors teaching all levels of instruments to 300+ kids and adults weekly.

Our Music School is situated next door to the Renaissance, a full service restaurant, bar and 7 night a week live music venue where the founder, Dan Lefler still performs their weekly (Every wednesday Night) and has since 1988.

Danman's Music School sponsors 6 kids concerts each year. Each concert consists of 30 - 40 kids getting on stage and performing wither solo, duets, or in front of a backing band made up of students and instructors. Check out our Kids Concerts Page and you can see the past concert videos!